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Thomas A. Habib, Ph.D.
 Licensed Clinical Psychologist, PSY9509

32 years of experience 

When things are not right in our marriage or with our children every other concern pales in comparison. Often times it is the first thought we awaken to in the morning and the final thought at night when we fall off into sleep. When we are too close to a situation it becomes increasingly difficult to find solutions or understand our role. 

My specialty is improving marriages long troubled and helping parents with children who are too shy or aggressive, academic underachievers, or withdrawn. I can bring warmth and understanding into the process but also enough strength to deal with powerful self made man. If your relationship with your spouse or children is deteriorating, I will vigorously work with you to save it by combining a thorough understanding of the underlying issues with strategies for improvement. Together we will closely follow what we do and evaluate its effectiveness. I have an intuitive style of therapy that I’ve combined with years of experience that enables me to see the heart of the problem.

Christine A. Baser, R.N., Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, PSY9695

32 years of experience

Dr. Christine Baser is a licensed clinical psychologist, providing psychotherapy, neuropsychological evaluation, and med-legal consultation. In private practice since 1988, Dr. Baser has helped individuals, couples, and families heal and develop to their full potential. Whether seeking to grow as an individual, improve a relationship, cope with loss, or adjust to illness or injury, Dr. Baser will guide you through the process of change. 
With sensitivity and respect, Dr. Baser will address your concerns and utilize her clinical expertise for your benefit. 

Working with individuals, couples or families to explore and understand the basis of well-being and health. People enter psychotherapy for a wide variety of reasons, but all with the goal to improve their lives and manage the challenges they face more successfully. The best outcomes are those in which hardships are accepted and are used as a catalyst for growth, uniqueness is valued, and well-being is strengthened.

​Dr. Baser strives to help each person meet their needs and achieve a balanced life. Her interests in cooking, travel, sports, exercise, and piano, along with time spent with family and friends provide renewal and support that she passes on to others. Each person is unique, each journey significant.