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You Tube Videos

Dr. Habib provides professional presentations on intimate couples. 

The first You Tube Video is an invited presentation at the Integral European Conference May, 2016. This video is called a Couples Line of Development. It describes the beginnings of all intimate relationships and the factors that blocks them from achieving the higher couple stages. The paper that accompanied this presentation won Honorable Mention, Best Scientific Paper at this conference. 18.5 mins

The full academic paper can be found at:
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The second You Tube Video is an interview of Dr. Habib by The Wisdom Factory in Italy. It is a more thorough description of the Couples Line of Development. The upper stages are more fully described. 65 mins

The third You Tube Video is an interview of 
Dr. Habib with Martin Ucik by The Wisdom Factory 
in Italy. It is a discussion concerning issues that prevent intimate couples from achieving the 
upper stages of interaction. 
 71 mins


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